Lookup An Anti-Troll Code

Is This A Valid Anti-Troll Code?

For each of the reportable categories the code will have one of four possible status values.
Value Help
Never Reported This Anti-Troll code has never been reported for the behaviour.
Reported But Rejected After a manual review we do not agree that the post exhibits the reported behaviour.
Report Accepted After a manual review we agree that the post exhibits the reported behaviour.
Under Review A real live human being is looking at the report. This takes time as there is not a 24x7 team committed to this task.

Tell Me About A Specific Anti-Troll Code

Was that Anti-Troll code issued for that user on that site?

Enter the Anti-Troll code below to see the details associated with that code and other codes issued to the same account.

If the code has been, or appears to have been misused, it is well worth flagging it along with the reason.
Lookup An Anti-Troll Code
Anti-Troll Code This is a positive numeric value.

This is a positive numeric value.

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