Clarification On Company Share Commentaries

The comments on the commentary pages are some of the thoughts that I had when considering this company and not a recommendation to take an action or to refrain from taking an action.

As you know we have no information about your circumstances, understanding of your investment goals or the level of risk that is acceptable to you. So it would be completely unreasonable to read these commentaries as recommendations.

Is This Just Pump And Dump?

Pump and Dump is an illegal practice where an attempt is made to increase the share price of a company by spreading fake good news.

Normally this is applied to small cap shares where you only need to encourage a few purchases to get large price rises.

Sometimes it happens on web forums, sometimes "Boiler Rooms" phone up people who are on various companies share holder list, other people set up websites that look like a genuine news site.

I may or may not own the shares which have commentaries on this site and as I don't delete commentaries I may have bought shares around the time of the commentary and sold them or never bought any. That's the point of the commentary, I see what may be a good buy, dig into the details and find that it is or isn't.

Commentaries tend to be created on an ad-hoc basis, when I look at a share see something that interests me rather than waiting until I have sold some shares and am looking for a new investment.

So we have a simple dilemma, do you trust the commentaries to be posted without malicious intent?

If I say that I own shares in a company then you may very well consider that I am finding positives in the company in order to boost its price so that I can sell at a profit.

If I say that I do not own shares in a company you may very well consider that I am being unbiased.

However if I were the type of person to Pump and Dump then it follows that I would also be the type of person to lie.

So if I am dishonest then saying whether I own a share or not provides you no useful information.

If I am honest then saying that I do own the share is getting awfully close to a recommendation and a visit from the regulators.


As companies often report numbers in slightly different ways there are a number of entries to cover this and as these are rough notes there will usually be empty items.

The debt columns are shown as positive values if there is any debt, all other negative values are shown within parenthesis and without a sign.
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