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FlyBe - Has Been Promising For A Long Time But..

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Title: FlyBe - Has Been Promising For A Long Time But..
Company: FLYB - Flybe Group plc
Share Price Then: 40.5p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Mon 21 Aug 2017
Comments: FlyBe is mainly a UK regional airline with code sharing arrangements with international carriers allowing them to offer overseas destinations.

Recently they have struggled to make a profit, the last CEO got there for a year but has moved on, the new CEO, Christine Ourmieres-Widener, is also very experienced in the airline industry but this doesn't necessarily mean success will follow.

Like many in the airline industry they talk about having solved their legacy issues and the future looks bright!

One thing that I like about the company is that they have kept their maintenance division, this means that not only can they service their own planes but also that they have won contracts to maintain some military aircraft and can compete for other carriers maintenance business.

They also have a training division although how much this can contrubute to profits is unclear.

In many ways they are well placed whatever happens during BrExit, the responsibility for getting UK/EU flight approval falls on their partners and there are no concerns over their UK only routes.

However my big concern is how viable is the regional airline business in the UK?

By the time that you have got to the airport checked in and then got from the destination airport to you destination would you have been better off driving or taking the train?

Currently all Flybe flights are made by small commercial passenger jets/turbo props (70-120 seat) rather than personal transport such as 10 seat personal jets or helicopters. I wonder if this a possible growth area as it would remove many of the delays?
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