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Dixons Carphone - Panic Over Poorer Mobile Phone Sales?

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Title: Dixons Carphone - Panic Over Poorer Mobile Phone Sales?
Company: DC - Dixons Carphone
Share Price Then: 178p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Thu 31 Aug 2017
Comments: Dixons Carphone Warehouse recently took a 30% hit after announcing a drop in profits mostly due to reductions in revenue from European Roaming fees and fewer phone upgrades.

With Galaxy 8 and iPhone 7 contracts being around £50 per month or costing £700-£900 for those who buy their phones up front there are real affordability issues with the "latest and greatest" devices.

However many phones are not built to last, so not buying this year is likely to result in must buy next year, but will this purchase be the cheap for Apple iPhone SE rather than the iPhone 8?

The white goods, computers etc. part of the retail division is doing okay, possibly as in many areas Currys/PC World are the only bricks and mortar retailer.

So quite possibly the smart phone bubble has burst and they are now just commodity products like fridges and tvs. This doesn't mean that they are unprofitable just that there is less easy money!

So I suspect that the correction may be an overreaction and as the merged company has only 3 years trading the reasonable turnover and share price is still unclear in many peoples mind.
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