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Mediclinic International plc May Be A Good Buy If You Understand their markets.

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Title: Mediclinic International plc May Be A Good Buy If You Understand their markets.
Company: MDC - Mediclinic International plc
Share Price Then: 742p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Tue 01 Aug 2017
Comments: Mediclinic is an international private healthcare group founded in 1983, with operations in Southern Africa (South African and Namibia), Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates comprising of 74 hospitals and 37 clinics.

They have come to my attention solely because of thier current share price, down from 1124p in Aug 2016.

At present all I can really say is that I need to spend a lot more time understanding the business as they are a FTSE 100 firm that has pretty much stayed outside my radar.

This is mainly because I know so little about the regulatory frameworks in the market that it operates in bit also because there are no recent broker views that put the share price back up above the 1000p mark.

Whilst I don't weight broker views very highly in my share selection process, I always get concerned if there is no optomist somewhere predicting a 50% growth.

Importantly acquiring this knowledge is likely to be specific to this one company, but now may be a good time to start.
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