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RDI Reit – 14% Price Drop But No Interesting News Here

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Title: RDI Reit – 14% Price Drop But No Interesting News Here
Company: RDI - Redefine International plc
Share Price Then: 134p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Wed 24 Apr 2019
Comments: RDI did a share 5 to 1 share consolidation at the start of Feb causing a big drop in the share price chart but did not change in the value of the company.

They followed this with a bit of a upward blip after a possible offer from Cromwell Property Group which turned into a return to the pre offer price today after the offer didn’t progress any further.

RDI is an established UK REIT invested in a diversified portfolio in the United Kingdom and Germany independently valued at £1.6bn but the share price chart seems to be a gentle downwards slope.

It is worth noting that RDI has just reached an agreement with Aviva after breaching covenants on 4 of its shopping centres, no further action will be taken until October.

The Computer signalled an interesting change but the reality was less interesting.
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