Andrews Sykes Group plc (lon:asy)
Andrews Sykes Group plc – Never Heard Of Them.


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Period12 Months12 Months
Adjusted Earnings
Adjusted EBITDA
Statutory Profit£17m£14m
Adjusted Profit
Total Debt
Net Debt(£23m)(£20m)
Title: Andrews Sykes Group plc – Never Heard Of Them.
Company: ASY - Andrews Sykes Group plc
Share Price Then: 535p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Fri 27 Sep 2019
Comments: Andrews Sykes Group are a group of companies in the hire, sale and installation of a pumping, portable heating, air conditioning, drying and ventilation equipment.

Despite the numbers looking very good, an established world wide business with about £4.5 million of debt and a £28 million of cash in the bank I have never looked at them.

Dividend wise they are okay but not great at the current share price, for the last few years this has been 23.8p or around 4%, the P/E is just over 13.

The downside seems to be a 10%ish spread on trading the shares with an average of only a couple of thousand shared changing hands on a daily basis.

This seams to be because the company has a major shareholder EOI Sykes Sarl which holds around 86% of the shares and EOI Sykes associated directors run Andrew Sykes. EOI is owned by a Panama incorporated company Tristar Corporation.
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