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Electra Private Equity plc Is It Wise To Always Avoid Investment Trusts?


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Title: Electra Private Equity plc Is It Wise To Always Avoid Investment Trusts?
Company: ELTA - Electra Private Equity plc
Share Price Then: 1688p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Wed 02 Aug 2017
Comments: In practice I have avoided buying shares in Investment Trust, simply because the future of the trust can change so much as a result of one or two good or bad decisions.

With a share price of almost 5000p at the start of the year dropping to 1688p now the charts were making me question this.

Looking at it further though the share prop dropped dramatically on the 5th of April this year when the board decided to pay a £1Billion special dividend as it had more cash that it knew where to invest it. This resulted in the share price dropping to 2400p, reflecting the reduced assets of the company.

A second special dividend on the 7th of June caused another realignment of the share price.

Since then there has been a tiny drop, too small to read anything in to.

It is worth noting that On 31 May 2017 Epiris will cease to manage Electra’s business and affairs.

Which means as far as I can make out that Electra had completely outsourced the management of their fund very successfully to Epris but are now taking on this task themselves.

They are also moving away from being a closed investment trust.

Unless I am mistaken from about June 2017 the changes are so radical that they could almost be considered as a new business!
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