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NANO – Is It Over?


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Title: NANO – Is It Over?
Company: NANO - Nanoco Group Plc
Share Price Then: 6.9p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Fri 21 Jun 2019
Comments: NANO makes quantum dots, tiny particles of a fluorescent semiconductor material 1 to 10 nanometers in diameter, the diameter of the dot determines the spectrum of light it emits.

They are used in flat screen displays, with other possible uses in the future.

The half year figures are shown below, but the problem is that nearly all of the income is from one customer who has chosen to not to continue after the end of 2019.

Down 78% to 6.91p per share it still has a market cap of about £20m so as an investment the company may have a future because of its technology.

It now appears to be close to a startup with a product but very little revenue unless the contract can be replaced. Investing in this type of comany is a very specialist area probably beyond the ability of a retail investor to judge.
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