Big Daily Profits

Although it might be a bit of a special case as it was part of the bounce back from COVID, Metro bank opened at 110p, was up to 140p by 08:20 and then spent the most of the day at around 115p.

This was a company with a market cap of around £200m.

Do Big Share Price Rises Stick?

Very occasionally you will buy a share on a Monday morning with a 15% growth target and you get 10% growth by the end of the day or the next day.

As you've only had the share for a day or so and you're nearly at your target price, why should you sell now?

Unless there is a really unusual and well known reason then the growth is unlikely to stick, sometimes there will be another spurt the next day but it is just as likely to disappear.

You got lucky, it happens sometimes so just take the money and move on.

It Is Very Easy to Get Greedy

When you bought the share you had a target sell price, why has that target price become wrong because it has been achieved sooner than you expected?

If you take your target profit on the first day then that leaves you an extra 15-50 trading days to achieve the next profit, increasing the likelihood that you will achieve it.

Sure by holding on there may be further increases.

Or it may be that other people will start selling and by the end of the week the price has gone up and down and you are no better off than at the start of the week.

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