Share Dealing Opions, Read But Not Absorbed

I do expect that many people will skim this site, decide that its helpful or rubbish but I think that it is worth reading in full and thinking about.

People Don't Beleive That They Will Lose Money

I have spoken to some people who have read this site and in general they say something like "You are advocating short term holding and most other people don't".

All of the stuff about losses seems to be slipping by, losses are real and they are not just for "stupid people being greedy", they are for me and you.

This is not really surprising as I created this site to clarify my own thoughts and share my own experiences which were probably the same as most people's who have never bought shares.

I Get Why....

So it is quite likely that the things that I have found out and regard as very important now won't be seen as important by others.

They are Donald Rumsfeld's Unknown Unknowns and I am trying to make them Known Unknowns.

One of the big issues discussed on this site is the large drop (20%-40%) in a share price either overnight or over a few days and what this does to pot growth.

As far as I can tell it is not truly believed to be something that actually happens in a normal market "to the type of shares that I would buy" so some readers skipped over those parts of the site.

As a result of this I added a page here which lists most big daily drops. a few slip by as they are weird shares or a big drop occurs over a few days.

Half a success would be if I could get to the point where visitors to this site think;
  • "Drat, thinking about it that was highlighted in that site I looked at a recently!"
  • "Why wasn't this highlighted in that site I looked at a few years ago? Drat, it was!"
Complete success would of course be; "Thank goodness for that site, otherwise I would have....."