Initial Programming Language

The game is written using a programming language called Initial Programming Language.

if you would like more details on this please goto IPL.

Download A Simple Ghost Game

Screen shot of the game
A simple game where a ghost chases drinks, some are spirits and some are pints around a grid.

The game is written using the Initial Programming Language, a programming language aimed at beginners.

The download on this page includes a version of the Initial Programming Language so you can change the game program, but you can not save the changes.

This is a Microsoft Windows only game.

  • Download the Initial Programming Language installation (2MB).
  • Run the installation.
  • Download the Game (0.2MB).
  • Unzip the game into a folder of your choice.
  • Double click on the file Ghost1.ipl. You may need to select IPL as the program associated with this extension
  • Click on the green circle with the word GO in the Initial Programming Language.
  • The Initial Programming Language uses some Microsoft components that not everybody will have so you might need to download and install

Game Notes
  • Each time a drink passes through a beer pump one destroyed drink is reinstated.
  • The ghost can not pass through a beer pump but drinks can.

Changing The Game
  • To edit the game code <Tab> edits the current line and <Enter> adds a new command.
  • The version of the Initial Programming Language supplied here does not allow the saving of programs. For full information please see the Initial Programming Language pages.