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Music from the tower

Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 13

When I decided to visit Prague my friend told me that I had to visit every museum that I saw. “There are a lot of them, but the city is old and has a lot of history, and every, but every aspect is interesting!” I thought that’s exactly what I can expect from a history teacher. I heard they have good food and good beer there, along with a huge wonderful zoo, and nightlife …

I would never consider myself for a cold-hearted, sharp lady, but I like living my life in the present. History belongs to the person who lived in it, that’s what I thought. I was not that person, so why should I get stuck back there? “Because we learn from the past” I can hear her voice in my head.

It was a late hour when I came out of Cilibar, and took a long walk through the streets, over the Manesuv bridge, heading to the hotel. As I was walking through the Thunovska Street, I decided to take a look at the castle. I saw how beautiful it looked from distance, so I wanted to see how it looked when it was in front of me.

And I made the right choice the castle was as magical as if it had come out of some fairy tale. Even if I felt a bit tired, I could still enjoy this masterpiece and just when I thought it’s time to get to bed, I heard an enchanting melody. I could barely hear it, so I started to walk in its direction, “Must be some late night hour street concert” I supposed. I followed to melody all though the Golden Lane, but I still couldn’t find its source and, I could go no further.

“It comes from the tower” said an old lady, she had scared me to the bone as I hadn’t heard or seen her until that moment. “Are you from around here?” I asked as I was surprised to hear English, how could she know that I wasn’t a local resident.?

“Everyone here knows the music, it’s strange to nobody” said women “so I guessed you’re not from here.”

“Who … who plays it? It’s very beautiful.”

“A young man, named Dalibor. He used to be a knight, until he killed a royal man.”

“A knight? Something like … actor for tourist attractions?”

“No, he was an actual knight, hundreds of years ago. He was kept in prison here, in the tower. During those days he played the violin. Many people came here to hear his music. I wish I could tell it in some better way. It’s a sad story.”

“Yes, I agree. Thank you, for sharing it with me.” I smiled to the lady and went off.

So, I had just heard a ghost story. Like if I needed any, seriously, the music was wonderful, but if it’s played by anyone it must be a living person. I don’t believe in ghosts, I used to believe, when I was a child, but back in those days I used to believe in Santa Claus, too.

Nonsense … that was the last word I remember forming in my mind. After that, time stopped as if I was in some sort of dream. It’s not so much what I saw, as what I felt, it was cold all of a sudden then, a warm wind took the leaves off the ground and blew them around me. I felt it was invitation to dance, so I started dancing as if all by myself, but there was a presence there, I knew it.

The sensation lasted for only a few minutes only then I came back to myself, I felt no fear, just confusion and a strange sadness. I don’t know why I was sad, I just felt that way.

On the way back I was wondering if there’s some lesson I need to learn from this. I couldn’t see it clearly, if there was one, perhaps I should return, to hear it all again.

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