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Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 16

No one can escape the judgment, no one should believe that their bad deeds will be left behind, forgotten and lost. Even when enough time has passed, even if people forget, karma won’t, Karma will return it all, good for good, evil for evil.

Is the mercenary evil, if all he does is simply his job? “It’s nothing personal, it’s just a job.” How many times people say this in order to justify themselves. Does the paid assassin actually believe they he is pure in the eyes of God? Perhaps they don’t believe in one, perhaps they don’t believe in karma, either, but, sooner or later, they all met it.

It was the year 1599 when the chieftain of the Leap Castle, Charles O’Carroll, hired MacMahon clan as mercenaries, they fought for him, against the Earl of Tyrone. Once they finished the job assigned to them they were invited to the great feast.

I wonder if they had a great time, I wonder if they asked themselves for a moment if they had fought for the right side. I wonder, because it was the last night in their lives, Charles ordered his man to slay every mercenary in their sleep.

I wonder if no member of MacMahon clan was aware of the history of the castle. Before them, the O’Neil clan was erased in the same manner. And, they all finished in the same place: in the corner of The Bloody Chapel, called The Oubliette, which means “to forget”.

It was discovered that about 150 bodies were left in that corner. 150 souls were left in those walls, souls which, with all my good will, I can’t call good or pure. Some say that such amount of evil spirits was strong enough to awake the supernatural entity. The entity some refer as Elemental, some sort of fire demon.

Some say that the Elemental is a spirit of an ancient O’Carroll.

But, if I have to choose between 150 murderers and one man, no matter how cruel he was, I believe that the first group would be heavier. More souls, more sins…

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