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The Phantom Army at Loe Bar

Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 25

Ghosts are the spirits of those who have left the earthly plane to continue their journey through space and time, but who have either chosen to remain attached to Earth or are unable to leave it completely for unknown reasons.

The existence of a fourth dimension is argued away by some as human misperception of what are likely natural phenomena. They’re natural indeed, but not of the sort skeptics might expect.

Explanations remain elusive, but many people have reported a surprising number of ghostly occurrences on leys; the alignments of prehistoric barrows, dolmens, altars, and medieval churches that researchers believe hold geophysical power.

Late one afternoon in August 1936, a sixteen year old boy named Stephen Jenkins was exploring on Loe Bar, a stretch of the Cornish coast near where King Arthur is said to have met his death. As he looked about, he was astounded to see a multitude of medieval warriors in chain mail appear before him. Some wore mantels of red, others of white and others black. Their horses were caparisoned to match. One soldier in the center stood, hands on his sword, staring at the spot where Jenkins stood. Eager to have a closer look, the boy stepped forward, but as he did, the army vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

That single experience was incredible enough, but when Jenkins returned with his wife to the same spot thirty-eight years later, this time with a map in his hands, the same vision reappeared exactly as it had before and it vanished just as it had then. Equally incredibly, his wife saw the vision just as clearly.

One explanation is that the ghostly warriors may haunt the Cornish countryside and be made visible by psychic energy emanating from nodes or intersections of leys nearby. Loe Bar is located in a line that runs from Landewednack Church up through Breage Church and to a junction with two other leys at Townshend.

Some visitors to this site have visions of historic figures reenacting the deeds they performed in life. Others have a sense of some presence that physically overwhelms them with an enlightening feeling of profundity that’s been described as being “high” but with much clarity and not being disoriented in any way. Still others feel oppressed with heaviness or a sense of sadness.

Psychics have been known to experience sharp excruciating pains in various parts of their bodies, and scientific instruments have been able to map actual physical changes in the pain-processing neuromatrix of the cerebral cortex of the brain when these pains occur. Additionally, heat maps of the body have indicated trauma to certain areas during these occurrences, but upon physical examination, there is no actual injury.

How or why some are able to see this phenomenon and others only feel it is unknown. The answer to the mystery of how these spirits are able to cross between dimensions - and whether or not there is really something going on at Loe Bar - is still hotly debated, though there is much evidence in favor.

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