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The dogs from the manor

Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 36

lot of people say that there are no such things as bad pets, only bad owners. And you know what? They might be right.

Not far from here, some when in the early nineteen hundreds, a woman by the name of Catherine Pollis owned three dogs. All three of them were big creatures, and she’d raised them from tiny puppies after their mother died, bottle feeding them and walking them every day through the desolate countryside that surrounded her home. But these weren’t any ordinary dogs.

Catherine was basically a loner; she lived her entire life unmarried after her family passed away and she inherited the vast family estate. But she had her dogs. And she trained them up to be vicious animals. In fact, when one of them briefly escaped from the estate and made it to a nearby village, the dogs were seen as so vicious that they began to attract a very specific kind of attention.

It started small; a woman approached Catherine about her husband, who had a large inheritance on the way and who the woman simply couldn’t stand. And soon enough, the man had been invited up to the house on the pretence of surveying it for purchase with his incoming inheritance. He never came back. Police visited Pollis House, but could find no trace of him. Eventually, the case was dropped. But people kept disappearing. Feuds were solved by luring the aggrieved party to the Pollis estate, and it soon became clear that Catherine was using her dogs for something a little more sinister than just keeping trespassers away. Rumours began to circulate, but the locals were far too scared to approach the house lest Catherine let loose her three hounds. After a policeman came back from a visit partially mauled, people stopped asking questions, and the house became something of a legend, until one day when three teenagers decided to break in and work out what had been happening all those years.

After they vaulted the gate, the three dogs were immediately let loose and gave chase, hunting the three boys across the acres until they finally caught up with them. One of the boys produced his penknife, and managed to attack one of the dogs that was chasing him. Upon hearing the yelps of the injured dog, Catherine Pollis came running out of her house to see what was going on, and the boys fled. Only one of them reported even catching a glimpse of what happened to Catherine, as she approached the injured dog and it’s companions. He said that she leant down to check on the dog, and the dog bit her. And in that moment, sensing blood, all three hounds leapt on her at once and tore her to pieces. Her remains were never found.

All that we know for certain is that the Pollis Estate- which is now known under a different name- is occasionally plagued by visitations from a ghostly figure tramping the moors at night, followed by her three beloved obedient dogs, looking for revenge on the boy who stabbed them. Just don’t head to the moors alone, as you never know who they might mistake you for…

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