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Trapped Between Worlds

Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 44

The following story was related to us from someone passed on, commonly known as a ghost. You are free to believe or not believe.

Not so long ago Rupert was off to work as usual, traffic was heavy, his phone was playing some classic rock with a new video and he was so engrossed that he neither saw nor heard the lorry coming out of the side road.

One moment it was “Floating” by the Moody Blues and the next it was floating in the air looking down on an accident scene. Rupert wasn't sure what was going on but when he saw a body bag, he knew it was not a good day.

Just as this was all starting to make sense he jumps to a place that looks like a doctor's surgery and after a while a woman dressed in white, with a clipboard, called his name and took him to a man at a desk.

"Hi Rupert, my name is Irving and I am your intermediary, I know you have a lot of questions, but first let me tell you; You are dead and at a transport station”.

“I see from your records that you have several unresolved issues which you must take care of before you can transfer, so you'll need to spend the next 50 years at the ‘The Vodka And Muesli’.”

Rupert look shocked and asked, "Why there?

Irving shrugs and says "Who knows, that's what the computer picked, think of it as an extended holiday.”

"What am I to do?" Rupert asked.

"You know the usual things; make a few noises, show up every now and then, occasionally throw something, scream out loud in colourful language. It's an easy job and the 50 years will pass before you know it.

Rupert had no choice but to agree, and he has been with us ever since, so remember that we take paranormal activity very seriously and actively encourage it.

So please notify the management if you do not experience at least one of these phenomena:

• Strange beings in your peripheral vision

• Shadow figures

• Sudden cold sensations

• A feeling of being watched

• Whispering sounds

• Floating objects

• Unusual voices coming from your significant other

• Lights turning on and off

We cannot guarantee Rupert will show up. However, you can encourage him to do his job, by calling out his name four times in succession.

Ghost, Spiritual Or Historic Stories For Pubs And Restaurants