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Soul Ghost

Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 47

Being a traveller is beautiful, isn’t it? Every time we embark on a journey we get to see new places, we get to meet new people, and we learn a bit more about the world. Little did I know, when I left home, that I was going to meet someone truly special, and that this trip will change my life forever.

I left in the afternoon, eager to set camp, and when I arrived to the lake, the Sun was just setting. The scenery was incredible, and the mist that was rising above the lake would have given the creeps to anyone, but not to me. I didn’t believe that story people told me, about the ghost who guarded the lake and stole people’s soul. I only believe in things that are real.

After setting the tent, I made a fire and enjoyed some melted cheese with a, not as cold as I’d want, beer. I laid on my back and stared at the stars, it’s amazing what you can see with no light pollution. In the background, my favorite song was playing, and in just a few seconds, I realized that I didn’t have my headphones on, and my phone had no battery. I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only camper that night, and that there are others who share my taste in music. They must have camped on the other side of the lake, because I couldn’t see them.

By midnight it started to rain, so I crawled in my tent and tried to get some sleep. I dozed off for a few seconds, but I was awoken by...a girl entering my tent. She was a bit euphoric, and right away, she started to talk to me. I asked her if she was also camping here and she said yes, and that she likes to travel alone because it allows her to gain perspective.

She was beautiful in a simple way, with brown eyes and brown hair, and we spent the entire night talking about everything. She told me about how she couldn’t decide what to do, and that she travels because it helps her escape, and that, ever since her brother died, she couldn’t find a place to call home.

I wanted to tell her that I am going through the exact same problem, and I mean exactly, but I didn’t want her to think that I’m lying. So, instead I told her to pick a place and settle there, and that once she’ll find a few friends, she’ll be able to relate, and she’ll create a new home.

I spend the rest of the night giving her advice on her life, and before sunrise, she got up to live. I asked her if we could see each other in the morning. She smiled and said that if I wanted to see her again, I should take a bath in the lake.

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up, and I went looking for her. Her tent was nowhere to be found, and I figured that if she didn’t leave, she would be watching to see if I’ll take the plunge. So I did. I waited for her to show up, but she didn’t, and as I got out of the water, something caught my eye. The water was crystal clear and looking down, I saw clearly... a simple man with brown eyes and brown hair, a man who then decided to take his own advice. A man who now knows that people got it wrong, ghosts don’t steal souls, they mirror them.

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