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Sinister Playground

Ghosts, light humour and serious beliefs, item 6

It was his job to take care of the island and he did the best that he could, Perhaps too good, he rarely went to see his relatives, rarely went to town at all. Maybe that solitude made him see something that wasn’t really there, or maybe he was simply the only one who could see it.

He claimed that he saw a girl drowned in the canal of Xochimico and he thought that it was somehow his responsibility, because he was the keeper and the fact that he couldn’t save her life became his heaviest burden. Even when others came and told him, that he’s being delusional, that there’s no girl in sight, he was certain that he saw her there. No girl was missing from the area, so everyone considered this case to be nothing but a mind playing tricks with the lonely man.

Not long after her death he felt her presence again, this time he couldn’t see her, only hear her. She was scared, she was crying and he didn’t know how to put her soul to rest. He didn’t know where the body could be, so he couldn’t perform a regular burial, instead he started to build a playground.

He found few dolls in the house and attached them to a tree and since she stopped crying he assumed that she was happy again. After a while, the crying started again, after all how many children you have seen happy with just a few dolls? Most of the kids get easily bored with old toys, you can try and teach them about modesty and being grateful for what they have, but how can you say anything like this to a ghost?

So, he attached some more dolls, next to those already there, again after a while crying woke him and he had to go all around the island in a search of the dolls. Sometimes he found only a leg or an arm in a trash can, so he would combine those with other dolls that lacked them. Those Frankenstein dolls didn’t look very nice, but the little girl seemed to be pleased with them too.

So he kept collecting dolls for the girl for the next 50 years, there were hundreds of them, all looking at him with empty gaze. They were calling him to join them, but he didn’t understand this as he was always on the island, with them, and with her.

He forgot that no matter how much children likes new dolls, no doll can replace an actual friend for playing, and one day his lifeless body was discovered in the canal.

His life had ended on the spot where he saw her for the first time.

Since he had an actual burial, it is supposed that his spirit went to its resting place.

Some say he joined her on the island, but I’m afraid she might still be alone there.

After all, why would people who go to see the island claim to be called there to stay?

Perhaps she’s alone again, waiting for someone to stay with her, someone to join her, on the island of a thousand dolls.

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