Adding Shops To Money Manager

Creating New Shops

IPL screen
The Money Manager program is written in the Initial Programming Language, this is an interpretive language similar in structure to BASIC, but was created as a programming language for beginners not programmers.

If you have never programmed before then you should be able to make some changes but might need to spend a bit of time to bring the spare shops into use.

If you are an experienced programmer you might find the environment a bit annoying.

Adding Shops To MoneyManager.ipl

Money Manager comes with a range of shops and some place holders to make it easy to add some more.

A Very Brief Introduction To IPL Initial Programming Language

Start MoneyManger/IPL but do not run it, use the cursor or mouse to move around the code.

To Add a new line press <Return> at the desired location and select and complete the dialog that is presented.

To Edit a line press <Tab> or <F2> on the desired line.

We are very familiar with IPL and MoneyManager, if anybody would like to write a strangers guide we would be happy to add it to this page.

View->Initialise Section and on the 1st/2nd screen change the BitmapLoad line to use the desired bitmap.

Scroll down a few pages to the lines that say Let Shopnames( and set the appropriate names. (You can Right Click,Functions List and then select LoadShopNames)

CoinsStep 2 - Button Press On The Shop
Right Click the mouse and select Functions List and then select Shop18, this is where you setup the actions for a shop.

Look at how a simple shop works, Shop1 and possibly Cut and Paste this into your shop with appropriate changes.

CoinsStep 3 - Weekly Actions For A Shop
A shop may, but does not have to, have an action that takes places every week.  If you want a weekly action create function to implement that action, look at the functions that start Week for guidance.

Click the mouse and select Functions List and then select GetPaid, add a Call to your new function.


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