Money Manager The Shops And The Bills

Standard And Custom Shops

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MoneyManager comes with a range of shops and bills, these can be added to by anyone who gets to grips with the Initial Programming Langauge


Money Manager - Notes On The Shops

What you need to do each week.
Food Button
Every week you should click on this button to buy food, this is not enforced as you can starve yourself for a week, but this is not medically recommended!

Rent Button
Every week you should click on this button. If you do not, your rent arrears build up, but you are never evicted

Utility Bills
A utility bill appears every 12 weeks, when there is a outstanding bill the icon is in full colour, when there is not, the icon is in black and white.

Credit Cards/Store Card
Every week interest is added to the credit card balance, but payments are expected every 4 weeks. The interest rate is 0.3% per week for Credit Cards and 0.5% for store cards.

If you go for 10 weeks without making a payment then the card will be canceled.

Videos, Night Club, Cinema and Fast Food
How often you click on this button is dependent upon the point that you are trying to get across.

How often you click on this button is dependent upon the point that you are trying to get across.

You may purchase a car for cash or accept a car loan, the interest rate is 0.4% per week. After entering the purchase price of the car you will also have to find £1000 for tax and insurance.

Insurance and tax will automatically expire after 52 weeks

You may purchase a holiday for cash or take up the offer of a loan to fund it the interest rate is 0.4% per week.

TV Licence
The TV licence automatically expires after 52 weeks and payment is required.

Various Goods/Domestic Items/Gifts
Home much you spend on these items is dependent upon the point that you are trying to get across.

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