Bespoke for internal use
Software Screen We can develop software to your specifications, it can be anything from a commercial database system to real time embedded assembler.

Depending upon the circumstances we may also be able to develop systems without a specification!

We are unusual in that we are open to offers that involve payment based on a commission per transaction, time the software is in use or other less traditional arrangements.

There are already software houses in my business area
Ties It may be that you operate in a market that have software houses that supply systems specifically designed for your market, but feel that your business would be better off with software written to solve your problems.

Its always good fun worrying the salesmen from the software houses!

We have an IT department
IT people moaning You may already have an IT department but need a little help because you have a great deal of expertise in COBOL on IBM mainframes but "Joe in marketing" wants something that runs on a PC. It could be the reverse, you have a great deal of expertise in Visual Basic, but you need to work with COBOL on SCO Unix.

We don't have an IT department
Hardware Mess Are you one of those businesses that started out using Access/Paradox/Foxpro or a web framework and find that suddenly five-ten years have passed?

You have 10 different databases and a dozen people with their own copies, each of which is slightly different, the "knocked together" queries are now taking three hours to run and your hardware supplier says you need to upgrade to SQL Server/Oracle/DB2 or PostgreSQL/MySQL but he can't help you with your applications.

Maybe your .... can handle most of your day to days needs, but you have a one-off project that is too difficult or time consuming
Side Notes
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At the risk of sounding old fashioned, it seems to me that software development tools haven't progressed in the last 30 years.  They have changed, they are apparently easier to use, and the results are prettier but good new programs are not being written any quicker.

COBOL would make programmers redundant because accountants would write programs. Which translates to; My company needs a programmer and can do the job in 2 man days

4GLs would make most programmers redundant because they were easy to use and the code was reusable. Which translates to; My company needs a junior programmer and a senior programmer and can do the job in 5 man days

Web services and the internet will make most programmers redundant because you will be able to licence the code that you need as someone-else has already written it and is "hiring it out".  Which translates to; My company needs two junior programmers, a senior programmer, a systems analyst, a buyer and a lawyer (to arrange the licences) and can do the job in 12 man days but the elapsed time will be 2 months and it won't be exactly what we want.

The plethora of mobile devices that may need to be supported now means that you may have to write the same application 4 times, once for the browser and then native apps for IOS, Android and Windows phones.