A Traditional Screen
Data entry screen

Above is an application screen displayed in the Chrome browser, this is a traditional business application, SQL Server database with stored procedures for data manipulation and C# code using the .Net framework.

There is a lot of information to be displayed so the screen looks a bit like an old fashioned VDU with a bit of graphics and colour. Many web based systems only capture a small amount of information on each screen, so padding the page with images and large fonts can be used, indeed is required to make the screen look professional.
Why Is Screen Design Difficult?
padding picture
Attractive screen design is like drawing, it is an intuitive skill, you can spend as much as you want on training courses and you will never be an artist if you weren't one to start with.

Desktop applications don't normally need a graphic designer, whilst web sites often do, I am happy to source one or to work with your preferred designer.