Personal Business Intelligence (PerBI) The Philosophy

The Philosophy

How and why text
The problem for software developers and users is how to make software that is easy to use and powerful.

The traditional solution for ease of use is to try and anticipate the user's requirements and present the user with a well laid out dialog box with all the options that he needs.

The solution for power has been a "Command Line" and programming where you can type whatever you want on the basis that you are the user and the user knows best!

Start Of With Dialogs

PerBI has decided to adopt both approaches, you start of using dialogs with which you can achieve a lot but

The dialog problem can be best explained by this apparently simple question; Tell me the top 10 customers by spend this year.

What the sales manager meant was; "Tell me the top 10 customers by spend this year, but exclude XY Finance Company as they provide leasing facilities, ABC Group because they buy for 30 branches through head office, and include an estimated figure for the DEF Group because they are a new customer that are going to spend a fortune"

So in this case......

Switch to scripting .

When dialogs "run out of steam" switch to scripting .

With scripting we have tried to retain the "best of both approach", the scripting facility uses dialog boxes to crate the script to ensure that you don't have to learn lots of complicated details, just a few ideas.